Monday, July 4, 2011

The Great Grumbling II : NOIDA/Annoyed-aah!

     There are "n" number of things that I hate about this place. Life here is atleast 2.5 times tougher than that in Delhi. 2.5 is just a number and it is not an accurate measure of the difficulty, anyhow I liked the number so I mentioned it. Maybe I liked it because I just watched a Sunny Deol movie. Firstly, you take a bus to the metro station and it is highly uncertain that you will find one when you want to. Hence my journey to the CP begins an hour before I have to report there. Impromtu trips that were once made impulsively are non existent in today's date.
     There isn't a proper market around and they're busy building an entire township out here. Every stupid day you see stupid cranes and the construction site that still looks like it had been razed to create ground zero. The stupid lights from the cranes that were once a source of amusement are now nothing but stupid! There are stupid rats that keep running in and out of the house as if they're preparing for the next major Olympic Rat-Race! If I had a licensed revolver I would have shot them right in their tummies and would probably have made it to the qualifying rounds for the Shooting events in the next Olympics. The stupid rats have already eaten about 2 percent of my house for sure.
      The people I see here are 5 guards, atleast 15 maids and about 20 other plumbers/electricians/painters! Once I happened to spot a female who looked like she was my age, she smiled at me from across the road and when I turned to check if she actually smiled at me, she was nowhere to be seen! Now I firmly believe that human beings don't stay around here. I see chauffer driven cars carrying kids to their tuitions which are actually just 2 blocks away. I wonder where their parents are, because I really haven't seen people here. And I also wonder whether the kids would actually burn to walk 2 blocks to study. So I know that the ones who supposedly do stay here are parents of spoilt kids. No wonder I see a guy walking with a class 9 physics textbook in one hand and a cigarette in the other.
     The market here isn't huge. Infact it is just about alright to cater to the needs of 2 major localities. They never have change for 500/1000, which means that you should always carry change around. They raise their hands in arrogance as if it was your duty to prepare currency in all denominations and you failed to do it, so you bear the consequences, you get nothing from here. The major attraction of the area is the market in Bhangel. It is a huge village neighbouring the little Sector-82 NOIDA. You will find almost everything from utensils to furniture to kurkure/takatak. The village market is almost like the Rajouri Garden Malls for your typical West Delhi resident.
     It takes me ages to get to anywhere fom here. Even when I think of moving out, I ridicule the thought itself! Plus I have no job, which I do not realise during the day, it only dawns upon me at night when I'm almost going to sleep that I've wasted another day. Why day, I'm already wasting my life here. :|