Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Reasons why you should listen to your parents

Respecting parents is something that was taught to us way back in primary school in those poorly animated charts. *Gets up early in the morning* *Salutes Parents* *Insert other too good to be true stuff*

As we started growing up, getting up early in the morning became increasingly difficult, and saluting parents was, by default, out of question. The only greetings you exchange in the morning are about how late you are and how they ended up raising a lazy beanbag. Once this cycle starts repeating everyday, you turn a deaf ear to the early morning ritual. I recently realised I should listen to them more often.

1. They haven't given up on me so far. Despite being the laziest, absolutely good-for-nothing loser of the family, mother will always prepare lunch for me, without fail. I may be 25 years old, but dad makes it a point that my wallet never runs out of money. This is probably because mommy knows how bad my cooking skills are, and daddy knows earning 25k a month is never going to be enough for me. I went for B.Sc instead of B.Tech, M.Sc instead of MBA, writing instead of research, but their displeasure never stopped me from doing what I wanted. Now that I have made an absolute mess of this joke called my 'career', they're still more than happy to have a loser daughter.

2. Experience. Both of them were once my age. Life was probably a little tougher for them since they had no internet back then and have had more face to face conversations than the number of FB conversations I've had. So they once told me how I was wrong and I told them they had no idea how things work now. Needless to say, they were right. But this wasn't followed by any mud-slinging, which is something that would have happened if I replace them with some other 'wise' friends.Plus, figuring out life on your own never works well.

3. Patience. It took them really long to watch me walk, talk, write, and prepare me for exams. I don't have the patience to teach daddy how to use a smartphone. He managed to find his way through it himself. Some of his questions are really amusing, but then I remember how I foolishly must have asked him stuff like why cows don't fly and birds don't bark. So yeah, a little bit of patience is never harmful.

4. Relationships. I'm guessing they have accepted the fact that there's nothing very charming about their daughter and nobody in their right minds would fall for a fickle-minded, self deprecating girl who has very little self respect. Hence, they will end up finding someone who has no idea about any of these outstanding qualities. In case nothing works out, you can always blame them for fixing you up with the wrong person. Till then, let them play Cupid-Cupid.

5. Simply listen. Mommy, the domestic Google search, will always tell you where she is safely keeping your clothes, wallet, bags, documents etc. If you just listen to her, you'll most likely know which corner of the house you should head to while looking for stuff.