Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Diary of a Socially Awkward Pig - Overview

The socially awkward penguin memes were created after spying on me. Why do I believe that? I'll tell you why.

The first time I got to know that I was socially awkward was when we were standing in line at Barista and I didn't really feel like placing the order. I went back and sat in a corner to avoid the ones who had seen me walk away from the counter.

The next time was at a store when I accidentally asked this guy about the cost of Rin. He looked around and pointed at someone else. I still didn't know why. Then I saw his son running up to him. Oh, he was a customer. I didn't even say sorry, would that have helped after what I did to his character? :P

Then I remember sitting in the Physical Chemistry class in M.Sc and doing complex matrices. I had always been good at matrices. The teacher asked me the answer twice and I answered him correctly. When he asked me the diagonal of the third matrix, the class suddenly fell completely silent. 'Zero!' I shouted. 'What?! NO!" he looked devastated at my reply. The class turned to look at me as I sunk in my chair a little deeper.

The problem with having a group of odd people is, that most definitely you will be the one walking alone. So this one day we were walking to the metro station. 2 of my friends had to bitch about some female so they walked a little ahead. 3 of us were walking merrily until both of them started talking about their hostel and the magical creatures that inhabit it! So I walked a little faster but still couldn't catch up with the bitchy ones. Somewhere in between the 2 pairs walked the socially awkward pig!

Cut to current situation. At work. I was talking to this girl about how I travel to work and she suddenly looked over my shoulder, excused herself and walked away to greet another woman! Okay, may be she'd say hi and come back. Both the chirpy birds flew across to the conference room. I got back to my table.

At lunch. Group of 6 girls. 5 of them sitting in a circle and chatting away to glory. Deep conversation happening. Guess who was sitting on the outskirts? Yours truly.