Monday, October 10, 2011

A Monday

It was a bright morning. It was a Monday yet it was a bright morning! I should have sensed the eeriness right there. I took the bus to the metro station like everyday. To my surprise, the bus had reclining seats and an AC that worked! This was going to be a great start to the week. Or, so I thought.

I hopped on to the bus - extremely happy - that I just had to pay 5 bucks for this joyride to the metro! We went past the villages and the barren land. I saw how everything around me felt like a Friday evening. Calm and blissful, as if to welcome the weekend. Suddenly I felt a jolt from nowhere!

A UP Roadways bus had collided into my dream-bus! All I saw were pieces of glass scattered all over the place. You can call me selfish, but I really didn't bother to check if everyone was fine. It was 8.40 and I was still in Sector 49! As everyone got down in a frenzy, I took a moment to figure out what had exactly happened. It seemed that the other bus' brakes had failed and it rammed into the sidewalk after colliding into our bus. The driver was stuck in there and people jumped on to the bus to rescue him.

Some were waiting to hit him hard. Yes, it is the land of the Gujjars! :P

As I walked away from the site, I imagined how an English Literature teacher would have interpreted this scene! Life is beautiful at first, then as you move ahead, reality hits you hard (read: An ugly Roadways bus). People suffer out of no fault of their own.(read: the roadways bus driver). You see others suffer because of someone else's fault(read: the passengers on the last seat). Suddenly you no longer have the luxuries in life (read: The AC Bus) and you have to toil hard for yourself (read: Walk endlessly until you find an Auto). Such is life!

And then I found an Auto. Life was blissful again. I reached work on time and it is 5 now! Time to leave! :D As I get ready to go back home, I offer my prayers to the Almighty -- Bhagwan bacha lena aaj! :S

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dominos vs I

Last week I was hit by a Dominos Pizza Delivery Guy. Yes, he was on a bike and he was on the wrong side of the road, he brushed against my elbow and scratched my left arm. I quickly checked if my shirt was torn, I'd worn that shirt after ages that day! Only when I was assured that it was fine did I look up to hurl abuses at him. I found him looking back at me, all I could see were his eyes and I knew he was cursing me under his breath for being 10 seconds late with the delivery.

I looked at him, almost wanting to get into a heated argument until I realised that I could easily walk to Dominos and claim the "damages"! But then I thought otherwise. I crossed the road and started walking homewards. On the way I was thinking of taking revenge for that little bruise on my arm. "Not ordering from Dominos for a loooong time now." That's what I thought to myself. And then I would let a few of my friends know about it and then they'd stop ordering for a while as well and that was how I'd win this war that hadn't been declared officially.

Later that night I got up at 3 a.m because I couldn't sleep straight. I remembered the little accident and cursed the guy again. "God, please make sure he isn't sleeping in peace tonight either." And I dozed off in peace. Next morning the bruise got worse, it was almost like I'd been hit deliberately on the arm. That evening when I came back home, my homies decided to order something. "Order something" always refers to the Pizza. And there went the revenge that my evil mind had thought of.

Half an hour later he was there, at my door, handing out the extra seasoning and the delicacies. I looked at him wondering if he was the same guy who had hit me. "Oh boy, this could be so fiilmy! The same guy who hit me, at my doorstep!" I looked at him and realised that they all looked the same. Couldn't really tell if he was the same fellow!

Lessons learnt-- 1. Life isn't filmy. You never get to punish the bad guy. Sad.
2. Little accidents like that lead to road-rage. Cursing the fellow in your head is better than getting people on the road to rough him up. I mean you can kill him in your head, but not on the streets, please!
3. Peace is good.
4. Pizza is better ;)