Tuesday, April 8, 2014

10 Reactions When You're Losing A QuizUp Game

XYZ joined QuizUp.
XYZ added you on QuizUp.
XYZ challenged you in Grammar.
XYZ sent you a message.
If this is what you're seeing a lot on your phone these days, this post is for you.

Here are a few reactions after losing a game. Don't lie, you've all been through this.

1. Tapping the wrong answer when you know the right one.

2. Getting a call in the middle of a neck and neck match.

3. Losing in the last 2x points round when you’ve been leading till the 6th question.

4. Beginner from unknown state in America beats you in Bollywood.

5. Turning off Wi-Fi is better than losing to crush thrice in a row.

6. You’re finally leading by an unbeatable margin and the opponent surrenders.

7. The opponent knows the nationality of the players who won mixed doubles in some Tennis Tournament in 1953. They've obviously seen this question before.

8. No mom, work can wait. This game CANNOT be paused.

9. Random friends messaging you to accept a challenge when they've already scored 160.

10. And then one day, you end up scoring 160! Zenmaster!