Saturday, March 31, 2012


I'm so depressed right now that the only title I could give this post was "Phoonnneeeee!" There is this sinking feeling while I see everyone in the house turning things upside down to look for it. It is a lot like me, doesn't talk - stays on silent. I've never lost a phone in my life. The first time I started using a personal mobile was in the year 2004. 8 years is a long time, and I hadn't lost one yet!

Maybe this is God's way of showing me that shit like this happens. And it can happen to anyone. Where the eff are you? Why can't you just walk into my hands out of no where? 13 missed calls later, you should be responsible enough to come back to your maalkin! After turning the pillows on their heads, waving the broom like a warlord under the beds, dad was quite proud of the amount of rubbish that I had managed to sweep off. These praises don't seem to work any more.

Here I am, sitting with a long face. Whining about the best thing that could ever happen to me - my little phone. I mean it wasn't little, it was an E 63, but compared to all these people who're looking for it right now and screaming at me about why it was on silent, yes it was a little thing. My phone has battery issues. It is therefore only proper to keep it on silent. It is? It WAS.

While all you homies scream at me about how it would have been if it wasn't on silent.. well, how's and why's for such questions have no point. It is gone. That is the problem on our hands. FIND IT you guys. Okay?! Till then I'm going to sit here and whine. Great, now dad asks me, "Aren't you sad you've lost it?" Well YES I am! But I don't think it is proper to cry over it right now. If it was possible, I'd have made a new one again, but I can't do that. Eff you, dear phone. Stay in that dingy corner where you're hiding. I'm not going to come and find you. Suit yourself. Bleh.