Friday, November 11, 2011

My Fight to Save the Internet

There are thousands of people fighting to save the earth. They launch campaigns online compelling us to think what the earth would be like 10 years from now. Why don’t they worry about what the internet could be 10 years hence?

What if one day you wake up to see that the bird that tweeted 24x7, echoing 298374382528652834 people’s sentiments, suddenly passed away? What if it flew to Mars after being tired of all the work-load? What if its replacement also ran away following excessive work-place pressure?

What if Facebook falls prey to domestic violence? What if Face and Book divorced each other and parted ways? You could neither look at faces nor book your places on walls. You’d be in a world without walls. Exactly, you’d be homeless.

What if Orkut .. Oh well, Orkut would be the-dinosaur-that-never-was 10 years later! :P

What if LinkedIn stopped linking you to the xyz of the world? What if it linked you to your ex- one day? ;) *evil chuckle*

What if people start booking land space on MySpace? There’d be no space, not mine, not yours. Maybe MySpace could be called NoSpace then.

Google+? They won’t have +1’s then. They’d run into -1’s by then. Are you on Google+? I -1 you!

Oh there’s my butterscotch pastry! To hell with the internet, not now not 10 years later as long as you feed me with butterscotch pastries! ^_^


  1. My list of Exs' is so long I actually was linkedin to my Ex, before I realized few days back! :| Serious.