Saturday, February 16, 2013

I can haz valentine

"I know a plenty of guys, just tell me what do you look for in a man? I'm dead sure I'll find you someone," she said very promisingly.

I placed my elbows on the table, rested my palms under my chin. My mind went whirl-winding deep down to somewhere really low when the heavy fog started lifting. "Okay, I know exactly the kind of guy I want. You know, the kind of person who'd hold the door for me as I walk in. He should be strong, well-built and protective. The kind of person who knows his responsibilities well and never shies away from them. I've noticed there are times when I think too much, I want someone who can stop me exactly when I go beyond the limit. There must be someone like that, no? There will be people who would want to influence him and lead him to do things that he's dead against. He should be able to say no and stand by his word. I mean, I want the ideal definition of those last to last century's macho men who are self-righteous and all. That..."

"Hold on, hold on!" she exclaimed with a glint in her eyes. "I know what you want!"

My heart skipped half-a-beat. My cheeks had begun the countdown to turn pink when she gave away his name.

"A door-stopper. That's what you need!"

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  1. I superlyk ur sense of humour oinkoo.. i am a die hard fan of ur tweets and now blog