Friday, August 23, 2013

Bollywood ke bhaiyas

Raksha Bandhan is one of my most favourite Indian festivals. It's all about brothers paying the price for having a sister. LOLJK. Although they do spend on sisters on this day, some willingly, while most other cringe, the best part about siblings is that they've known you since birth, will hurt you (emotionally and physically) and yet get away with it because they're too precious to let go of, will make you laugh, tease you, fight with you, complain about you, love to see you get scolded, stand by you when the situation gets out of hand, will be your friend and guide, will be an annoying pile on, will always care for you, will always have your back.

Raise all these emotions to the power of three and you get a perfect filmy sequence. I'm not a movie buff, but the bhai-behen Bollywood sequences are easy to find on every movie channel on this day. There are these sequences that you can almost never forget - either because they're too good or overly melodramatic.

1. The quintessential Andhi-maa-vidhwa-behen. So the hero is most likely Amitabh Bachchan, the mother is most likely Nirupa Roy, the widowed sister has the supporting role. The father hangs framed on a wall, or left the family to become a villain when the kids were in diapers. The brother is the head of the family, takes care of the expenses and gifts saris to the sister while she sings behna ne bhai ki kalaai pe pyar baandha hai type songs. Then he gets fired from the job, goes to jail while saving sister's izzat, has a supportive gf who fights the case and gets him out of jail, and everything else is fine in the end. Keep calm and thoko salaam to Bhaiya.

Because Bhaiiiyaaaa is here.

2. Andhi maa apahij behen. Replace widowed sister with handicapped sister in this one. The brother is an anmol ratan and the sister wouldn't want to trade him for anything in the world. An almost similar action and drama sequence happens. The brother is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. Yes, I'm talking about Majboor. But he eventually gets cured because apaahij behen ki duayein and all worked. Now that everything is bright and sunny, the handicapped sister will eventually learn how to walk and get married to the hero's best friend. Have no fear, when Amitji is here!

You just don't kill the hero bhaiya.

3. Bichde hue bhai-behen. Separated as kids, the bhai behen in Hare Krishna Hare Rama gave us the national anthem for Raksha Bandhan - Phoolon ka taaron ka sabka kehna hai. It's all happy and beautiful for the siblings until family drama unfolds and they move continents apart. The sister becomes a hippie, the brother becomes a pilot. Pilot brother wants hippie sister to get rid of the bad habits. Eventually, the sister commits suicide. No happy ending here.
Dem feelz

4. The Twins(?)! I've watched Josh, okay? SRK and Aishwarya were not just any other siblings, they were twins, probably from different mothers. Because, Bollywood. The colour of their eyes was the same. LOL. There are gang wars. The sister falls in love with the brother's enemy. Love for brother is strong too. Fear of the brother is stronger. That's what I think. They really didn't act a lot in that movie, so I'm assuming it was either fear or love, but then again, everything is alright in the end.  I'm sorry I wrote about this, but this is one pair of forgettable siblings that I'll probably never forget. Also, Shashi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan were twins in Suhaag. LOLOLOLOL. I don't even...

5. The real brother-sister love. It was scripted, fake and hard to digest until Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na happened. Prateik Babbar spoke too less and had a very short role, but the movie had some of the most natural and believable contemporary bhai-behen scenes. Simple and sweet. That is all this bond is about!
I love bhaiya!


  1. You must add mithun da and his daata..babul ka yeh ghar behna...kuchh din ka thikana hai...and rajesh khanna...meri pyari behania.

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