Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How twitter followers answer questions

This is a very informative write up on social media interactions.
LOLJK, it isn't.

Studies by the Oinkoo International University for Social Media Research have revealed that *only 1% of your followers actually read your genuine queries on Twitter. Out of those 1%, only half will respond to your question. Out of those half, only 1 will be a useful response. That 1 response is something that you already knew before asking the question or most probably didn't want to know.

(*valid only for people with **>800 followers.)
(**I made that up, yes.)

Here is an example:

I put up a question to ~ 7k followers with three things in mind:
> Most of them are not bots because I don't remember doing a LoKarLoFollow act. (How many of you know that? *wink wink*)
> At least some of them have time for real life interaction with real life friends apart from that dog, pig or squirrel on the other side of the screen.
> So many people. So many suggestions. So much yay!

And look what happened!

The ego massaging ones. awww.  :')

The totally feasible suggestion provider. hmmmm.

The smarty pants. Because that's the best thing to do, right? BFFs and all that shizz <3 <3

The wordplay freak. Dil, because it's cute and useful. <3 Oh wait, wordplay.

The basic #commonsense tweep. So sw33t and cute dea.

The current affair freak. #Khobragade #Adarsh #Scam

The kuch-nahi-mila-to-Manmohan Singh-basher. Totally okay to gift her a blank A4 size sheet.

 The affectionate one. :"> awww.

And just when I thought I'd delete the tweet and write something on the
"delete tweet, 
deactivate twitter, 
smash screen, 
move to a small village in Pakistan" format
comes the ONE expected reply! OMG. I was looking for something on those lines. *Gives Tweet of the Day trophy already*