Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bye Bye FB!

I quit Facebook 10 days ago, yes, I did. There were many reasons to do that and then there were none! The first reason was because it was getting very boring. They change the interface every 2 months and majority of the time it is for the worse. The other reason was that people were getting unnecessarily conscious about profile pictures and status messages! I recently noticed how it was more about the "likes"!

So 150 people liked somebody's picture and 80 people liked somebody's status. Then you'd be tagged in a silly picture and get spammed with notifications. There will be cases where you haven't seen a person in ages but still choose to spam their walls with messages as if you're the bestest friends ever just to look cool.
Once they've spammed your walls with posts, you'd probably reply with a kind smiley to let them know you aren't unkind. If you're heartless, you'll choose to skip replying to their posts completely! Stalking people who  aren't remotely aware of your existence and wondering how their lives are so cool and yours isn't!

And at this point I would like to declare that I have done all of the aforementioned! I was a sucker for the likes! I would spam people with notifications (I got spammed too!), I was among the 150 people who liked a picture/status and never got thanked for the appreciation. I spammed my friends' walls with heartfelt messages that were never responded to. I was the one whose greetings were conveniently ignored. And that is how FB lost its meaning to me!

So while I was away from Facebook, I watched Shaitan, Pyaar ka Punchnama and a Modern Affair. Also I finished watching one entire series of HIMYM. I slept soundly at night not having to bother about why they wouldn't talk to me and why I was treated as if I was never there! And not being there does feel good! Now I don't have to grab my phone to update what I am doing every minute and then worry myself to death if my status didn't get liked, I keep it to myself and am happy! In between all of this I realised that there is a LOT of time in the world to do everything you like, like updating your blog!

I never really understood networking, what I understand now is that it isn't for me! ;)


  1. I miss my cute girlfriend on facebook though. :(

  2. I MURDERED my facebook account a month ago.

    REASONS(i know you don't ask for it but its a blog you got to comment if you feels to. its not the god damn FACEBOOK):
    1.Stalking people who aren't remotely aware of your existence and wondering how their lives are so cool and yours isn't!(ITS FOR ME, HERE I WERE THE STALKER)

    2.'LIKE' WTF you post something to share so that people honestly actually like it but instead they 'LIKE' it.

    3.COMMENT-BAAZI (never did it...o.k twice,thrice may be in my 3 years of face book carrer but thats it) what a sham. if you want the reaction of people on F'ing-FACEBOOK just post something abnormal i.e not about t.v shows, sports, sex or movies. you get flooded by mindless as well as phony comments. they comment just to make their presence felt on the social circus. just to make them visible.

    4.FACEBOOK FRIENDS ya sure, like their is actually such a thing. you talk to your buddy(i don't have friends so i never did this sin) who is online *i snobs*. he lives one blocks from your home. get the hell out in the air man.

    5.and yes the irritating FACEBOOK APPS.(NEVER EVER)
    -KNOW YOUR MATCH: you gonna find a toothless tranny
    -KNOW WHEN WILL YOU DIE: if its late then i am pleased to kill you, smothering under my ass inhaling Depressed Natural Gas... my fart ya imbecile imp.
    -WHAT YOUR NAME MEAN: 'Chutiya' that's rigt. "this is umerika darlin my names means no shit"(Bruce Willis in PULP FICTION)
    -WHICH CELEBRITY ARE YOU: mein bataoon 'paul the octopus' but only after he is dead.
    -WHAT WILL YOU BE: a toilet cleaner who is actually a toilet prostitute who actually get pity sex from his/her neighbor and yes your boy/girl calls you a LOOSER-SLUT.