Saturday, July 6, 2013

Social network diary - 1

Dear Diary,

Twitter contests will be the death of twitter.

From 'Why twitter contests? Why are brands hi-jacking trends?' to 'What the hell, you're also playing these stupid twitter contests?' to 'Eww, I don't talk to people who play these contests.' to 'Fake hai ye contests, their own people are winning, it's fixed!' to 'Oh shit! Look, a racist won.' to 'Oooh, they've roped her in to promote it.' to 'OMG! SHE CREATED FAKE ACCOUNTS TO WIN!' I think the next step would be 'She stole the stuff that girl won online by hacking into her account and giving them her own address.'

What is this happening to twitter? Wasn't it all about observing people and exaggerating situations to make them sound funny in order to gain followers? I was here to share obnoxious stuff I couldn't tell people to their face and be a coward and tweet them instead. In between all this some people found it funny and started following me and re-tweeting me. Then came the pressure to be funnier and the hunger for more followers. A little disappointment over unfollows and tweet-chors and pretty DPs gaining more popularity and followers than me.

Diary, this post is going no where. Let's not lose sleep over it. Nobody knows about any of these issues in the real world except a couple of thousands of us. I can't discuss it with anyone else. Hence, I write to you.

I love you,

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