Sunday, July 7, 2013

Social network diary - 2

Dear Diary,

This isn't about what happened on Twitter or Facebook today. This is about what happened in the Delhi Metro. It was after really long that I decided to travel to the other part of the Universe - from Noida to Rajouri Garden. On my way back, I was stuck between two females who were constantly fiddling with their phones.

Female 1 was calling someone called Vishu Baby. Yes, I'm the girl you'll find peeping into other people's phones. The conversation was oh so exciting. Vishu Baby was Female 1's fiancee from the past one week. The discussion was about which picture to choose as the profile picture on Facebook.

'Aap to pata nahi kahan dekh re the poora time.'
'Nahi, us photo mein main kaisi kaali si hoon.'
'Nahi na, aap kaun si photo dekh re ho, isme mera mooh khula hai, aisi photo kaun lagata hai?'
'Acha suno, aap ke baal us photo mein ache lag rahe the jo aapne shaadi ke liye bheji thi Singapore ki. Ab aapke baal jhadd rahe hain kya?'
'Arey, aap ko wo picture nahi mili jo maine mail ki thi? Usme mere photos ache the.'
'Haan wo greater noida wale bhaiya ne naa saare photos FB pe daal diye. Ye kya baat hui, sagaai meri aur excitemaant unko ho gayi.'
'Acha to aap select karo na kaun si upload karni hai picture.'

Female 2 on the other hand, was scrolling through her FB timeline like a maniac. She occasionally enlarged any picture of her male friends. A few seconds later she was checking out memes but not laughing. She probably didn't get the jokes. She kept scrolling down until she reached a female friend's birthday album and zoomed in and out thrice at every picture. This was followed by a quick call to another female friend. 'Ewwwww, what was she wearing?' which was followed by a long post-mortem of her dress and character and other friends she had invited.

Diary, Facebook is a great way to waste your time offline by discussing about it.

Never create an FB account for yourself, diary.

I love you,

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