Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to write a letter.(?)

        There were 10 thousand things I wanted to fit into that little blue letter. I wanted to know how she was. I wanted to know what she had been upto all this while. I wanted to show her how my hand writing had changed from the last time I wrote to her. I wanted to know when she would come and see me next! There was just so much to write and such little space. I'd wonder why they didn't have bigger inland letters!
        That would happen when I was in school-- when I had all the time in the world to write to my cousin who stayed in another town. We'd wait for those letters and die to respond to them as soon as possible. Then came the internet. E-mailing. It was quite a task in the beginning to look for apostrophes and then upper case and lower case. The easier way to write was the SMS lingo. "hw r u. hp ure doin wel.." Saved a lot of time indeed! Soon we had our own mobile phones. And then free messages. The communication was not about how we were etc., but about how many forwarded messages we sent each other. Communication happened over chat on facebook or gmail.
        Now we know exactly what we're doing, all the time. She goes for lunch, I go for lunch. 30 minutes later, we see each other online again. By the end of about 15 minutes, there is nothing left to talk about. Both of us go "idle". End of story. Repeat the same steps the next day. Some day when she isn't online, I don't even bother. There is nothing to talk about anyway!
        Then one day, I thought of writing to her. A letter. On a piece of paper with a pen in my hand. So I wrote the date, and i didn't know what should come next. I knew she was doing fine. I knew how the weather at her place was (.. there went a major part of our conversation. Sigh!) I knew the family was well. I knew when she was coming over to see me. Oh, then maybe I could write to her about everything that I wanted from her place! Wouldn't it end up being a very selfish letter then? Just writing about what I wanted, not enquiring about her at all? A few minutes of writing-a-line-and-then-striking-it-off-with-a-pen later, I went online, pinged her on facebook and asked her to get everything I wanted. Easy.
        The letter? That went into the dustbin, I think. Or maybe it flew away because the fan was running on full speed. Some things are meant to be a thing of the past, or are they?


  1. there use to be a term, an adjective called PEN FRIEND. we now use their decomposed petro-products in our scooters and motor cycles.

    offcourse i didn't had a PEN FRIEND coz i am from the generation raised on television that means i'm the one who wasn't in-being at the time of renaissance of pen-friends(actually i hardly had any close friend coz i'm apathatic, i'm the king of apathy. what? you're getting bored by my sad story? deal with it coz i'm reading your blog and since you've enabled the comments you will get it. sorry, LITTLE CARRIED AWAY) but i heard about them somewhere in my school.

    so the point why i am writing this comment cum blog is bcoz... wait a minute. why was i writing this? sorry(i apologize alot) i forgot, its all bcoz i got LITTLE CARRIED AWAY and lost (amoeba memory)reason of my being here.

    yes, i got my wind back. i'm trying to say that writing letter(never did it meself APATHY)& making PEN-FRIEND is way more exiting then this facebook "like me", "add as a friend" bullshit or atleast they(historians)say so.

    like i'm the generation raised on TV, the kids are raised on Facebook and social networking(you could also be a case. not judging though[APOLOGETIC ME]) i and you don't know the difference b/w the virtual and real world and IF WE WERE BORN IN THE (p)ENAISSSANCE... If I Were Born IN...