Friday, June 3, 2011

The Son Has Risen?

              The only child of very doting parents, our protagonist is the typical only-son of well-read parents. He had been an ace hockey player during his school days going on to play for the state team as well, hence the well-built structure. He had private tutors pouring in all the time, hence the topper of the school. Now he was also supposed to be an amazing singer and photographer and from being a photographer he developed the interest in birds. The love for capturing the wild brought him closer to the birds. For once, this was something he was INTERESTED in and not thrown into.
            Growing up, (in between all of this whenever he found time to grow!) he turned out to be a decent young man brought up with books and tutors for various activities. He  knew a lot and clearly did not have many people who would be interested in listening to his heroic victories at inter-school level and at times even at the state level. As school drew to a close, the lad went to Singapore to become an Engineer. Away from family. Again, there was nothing that set him apart from the typical boring success stories you’ve heard ever so often.
         Cut to Singapore where our man now belongs. The story within a month of his relocation: Couldn’t cook to save his life. Couldn’t communicate except where there were equations to be solved. The grades were awesome. Beyond that, the least said, the better. The parents were happy because they would occasionally be mailed pictures of their supremely-talented son with researchers awarding him huge trophies, him standing across the university gate with the university’s name engraved on the foundation stone. And then 4 years later, it was time to visit home.
       Back home, the scene was very different. He seemed to be the man of the moment. Invitations to parties were common. The Socially awkward protagonist however declined them politely. With cousins, of course, declination wasn’t taken very politely. For once when he obliged, the party ended up being about booze and dance. The phoren-returned was uncomfortable to the extent that he kept shifting in his chair until he almost fell. The highlight of the evening came in the form of the only sensible person of the opposite sex.
           When Mr. Protag laid his gaze upon this divine form he felt for the first time how a normal teenager would have. A few handshakes later, Mr P was supposed to start the conversation. However, Mr P was busy contemplating why he was feeling what he was feeling. To his surprise he was at the receiving end of the questions.
 1 : Interests.
            *thought process before answering the first question* Interests? Where should Mr start from? Writing.. Reading.. SINGING.. uhmm.. Hockey?
           Ans. No.1 : “Bird-watching! No , seriously! Bird-watching! I mean I know The Koel very well.. as in Koel- the bird.. Like seriously!”
           Amidst the various explanations that he had to offer, the expression on the lady’s face said it all. The first word ruined it for him.
          Hockey his next favourite. Considering the fact that the Cricket World Cup was on, and she kept checking the score every now and then, he thought discussing hockey might not impress her much. Sports went out of that window.
          Ans. No. 1 *contd* “I sing.. I mean I’m a sucker for the Actual Size and Stiff Dead Cat.. Err.. they’re rock bands.. I’m sorry .. I mean I’m into that kinda music..”
          Fail. Epic fail. For once, he could have gotten away with Metallica if nothing else.
          Ans. No.1 *contd* I read. Yes. Safe.
              “I read. My interest lies in Science..I could read anything that is remotely scientific. Physics, Chem.. Biology to an extent.. though I could never understand why they had 2-D diagrams all over the books.. I mean 3-D would make it awesome..” That was it. Her eyes said it all. She looked like she would puke. Whether it was because of the drinks or his interests, was unknown!
          She looked sick and disgruntled, like she’d seen a dead rat being run over. Was it because of Mr. P? She almost flew out of the room. While the low-achiever cousin followed the divine form on her way out, Mr froze as he realised how he had blabbered all through. Cousin returned to the room alone and informed Mr that she was too drunk probably. Though, he added, she would never get high on drinks, she was an athlete. Drinks wouldn’t take a toll on her. She could sweat drinks out just like that. “Athlete?” asked Mr. “Yeah. Hockey, man. She was the College Captain of the Hockey Team! Weren’t you guys discussing hockey? I mean that was why I didn’t disturb you two!” Now spoke the cousin.
          Mr P was either hopelessly unlucky this time OR just a social embarrassment that the beaming parents who waited in their latest Sedan didn’t know of.
The parents waved and called out for the apple of their eyes. They were proud to see how he had just witnessed a happening party.. A party that never really happened  for our man.

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